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Cars we have worked on

Dion’s Nissan R34 GTR

Dions Nissan R34 GTR Owner : Dion James Car : R34 Vpec ...

HPR 2001 Lexus IS200

Car : Lexus IS200 Photoshoot by Luke Andrew Cole Model: Anika Thoren  Parts ...

Dean’s K20a Lotus

Lotus Elise With OEM Honda K20a Engine Conversion 217hp atw. Built by ...
FATLACE photoshoot

HPR Normal Aspirated Civic EG

1992 Civic with B22b frankenstien engine 206.9hp atw. Built by Hi-Power Racing ...

What our clients say about HPR

Ivan your a legend man! I’ll bring my car to your shop aslong as your there! Keep it up man, we need you in the community….. Alex Dziadosz

and your an absolute legend Ivan no word of a lie !!!!! props to ya for all the effort you put in mate !!!!…….Cliff Clayson adelaide

It is REALLY good. Today was the first time I’ve had a chance to get out of first gear, went to get it regoed. All done, THANKS to Ivan and his crew!….. Jon Hancott on Hi-power Racing importing his GTR R33

Thanks for the goodies from Japan excellent service and great prices! Thankyou hi power racing!…. Brett and Karen Malbon from Alexandra Hills

Car drives awesome. Went all day pretty much  goes alot quicker then before and punchy too thanks heaps for the tune and the extra work you guys put in to it” …… Will Sana on tuning his sil80 for Matsuri

“Nothing but perfection, i have 100% faith in the work that have been carried out, HPR are the only guys i trust working on my JZX”…… Ryan Jones from gladstone on HPR finishing his JZX Chaser

i got my skyline sorted and everything is running back to perfect, can’t wait to drive MRR33 around again!…… Aron Lal

Welcome back baby, <3 it was good driving my car again. thanks Ivan and the Crew for fixing my baby. hi fives all round :) …… Gareth Jones

Thanks to Ben and Adrian for doing such a great job on my car. Can’t wait to get it back onto the track!…… Ben Malbon on  replacing his intake manifold and tuning his car

thanks HPR!!! good work,great advise, and no stuffing around. I’ll be coming back if i need anything =) …… Jason Pham on Hi-Power Racing working on his R34 Skyline

Once again Outstanding work from the HI-Power team, never cease to surprise me with what these guy’s can do….. Corey Harradine ipswich on hpr tuning his car

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my 180sx I have never known any workshop to put in so much effort into a customers car. I’m so stoked at not only how quickly but how well the work is. Ps she snaps gears nicely ;) ……Sheena Saunders

Big thumbs up to Ivan & the boys at Hi-Power Racing for finishing my car before Christmas. It also makes more power than i expected it to which was a pleasant surprise…… IAN DIDD on his R33 Gtst

Just wanted to thank Ivan and his team at HPR for fixing up my exaust. Now my car runs and sounds great! Thank-you…… Allen Feng 180sx sr20det

VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY happy with jzx mr. ivan :), its never ran so smooth in its life even when i got it bog stock! cheers mate :)…… Ryan A. Jones on Ivan Tuning his Chaser

No check light, new Exhaust sounds great , and good looking stuff in the engine bay. Money well spent. ! …… Chris Yared B18CR EM1

Thank you so much for your awesome skills.  Car feels great!  Smooth and responsive!…… Casey Whyhoon On Ivan tuning his Sr20det power F.C. De jetro

a big thanks to Ivan for working your magic on the car. Cant wait to drive it in the dry :) now off to the gym!…… Andrew Boyton on Ivan Tuning his Turbo Ford Falcon EMS Ecu

I’d like to thank Ivan and the guys down at high Power Racing. For looking after me with the tune!……. Steve Pac H22a Turbo